Product Features


How it Works

m9sweeper connects to your Kubernetes Cluster(s) and helps you manage your compliance and security posture. m9sweeper regularly scans everything you have running in the cluster, reporting on your security risks. m9sweeper can also block non-secure applications from booting up. Tools like Gatekeeper using m9sweeper’s custom interface can be extended to allow you to manage policies (OPA) efficiently as well as enabling Gatekeeper with new functionality like exceptions management.

Easy Installation

M9sweeper is, by far, the easiest-to-install, lightest-touch Kubernetes compliance and security platform. It can be installed in a matter of minutes and uses as much disk space and memory as many mobile phone apps.

Image Scanning

Your Kubernetes Cluster is only as secure as the software that is running on it. If you are running out of date operating system packages, using old code libraries, or running software with too many privileges, then you are open to attack.

Exception Management

Compliance and Security Policies are usually designed as an ideal-state goal, but in the real world, things do not always go as planned. Vulnerabilities can be discovered any day, and sometimes businesses have code-freezes or vendor software deployed that cannot be secured properly for weeks or months.

Policy Management

Managing policies is not something that M9sweeper invented. A tool called Gatekeeper has become incredibly popular for managing policies. Gatekeeper is built on top of Open Policy Agent, a standard for describing policies with code.

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