Easy Installation


m9sweeper is, by far, the easiest-to-install, lightest-touch Kubernetes compliance and security platform in the market. It can be installed in a matter of minutes and uses very little disk space and memory, no more than your typical mobile phone application.


Unlike our competitors who take over all aspects of your Kubernetes cluster, essentially introducing increased risk and complexity, m9sweeper uses Kubernetes’ own APIs and does not require significant access in order to install. It also requires very limited resources at run-time in smaller environments. 

  • At least 256 MB of available ram
  • At least 1 GB of disk space
  • In larger installs, more computing resources may be required to run scans and store all of the data as well as the history of your cluster’s state. 
  • m9sweeper only requires Read-Only access to your Kubernetes Cluster’s data (and not even all of it!)  and does not become a security vulnerability itself.

Key Components

Unlike our competitors who install 10+ different apps and essentially take over your entire cluster, (which can introduce unnecessary risk and a great deal of complexity), we have architected M9sweeper to have a very simple, low impact, and easy to install architecture. 


  • m9sweeper App
  • Trawler image scanner 
  • A PostgreSQL database for data storage (M9sweeper can auto-install this for you)
  • RabbitMQ for queueing up scans (M9sweeper can auto-install this for you)
    1-Step Installation Process



    • Typically takes less than 10 minutes to install
    • Install with helm or docker-compose command to install on an existing Kubernetes cluster or individual machine. 
    • Login and add any additional Kubernetes clusters.

    Easy Installation

    M9sweeper is, by far, the easiest-to-install, lightest-touch Kubernetes compliance and security platform. It can be installed in a matter of minutes and uses as much disk space and memory as many mobile phone apps.

    Image Scanning

    Your Kubernetes Cluster is only as secure as the software that is running on it. If you are running out of date operating system packages, using old code libraries, or running software with too many privileges, then you are open to attack.

    Exception Management

    Compliance and Security Policies are usually designed as an ideal-state goal, but in the real world, things do not always go as planned. Vulnerabilities can be discovered any day, and sometimes businesses have code-freezes or vendor software deployed that cannot be secured properly for weeks or months.

    Policy Management

    Managing policies is not something that M9sweeper invented. A tool called Gatekeeper has become incredibly popular for managing policies. Gatekeeper is built on top of Open Policy Agent, a standard for describing policies with code.

    "Securing a Kubernetes Cluster should not take months of careful planning - it should happen automatically in a matter of minutes."

    – Jacob Beasley, Co-Founder

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