Trawler Parameters

Instructions for Configuring Trawler

Trawler is our app for running scans of your containers. Right now, it is a wrapper around Trivy, one of the best container scanners available, but it is architected such that other scanners could be supported in the future (contributions are welcome!).


Trawler is normally run in listening mode in the cluster and in scanning mode when scanning a single image from a CICD Pipeline.

You can see how to use one mode or the other by just viewing the built-in help docs.

trawler help

The output looks something like this:

trawler [-Dh] [-A=<m9sweeperApiKey>] [-H=<rabbitmqHostname>]
[-p=<rabbitmqPassword>] [-P=<trawlerParallelScanners>]
[-q=<rabbitmqQueueName>] [-t=<rabbitmqPort>] [-u=<rabbitmqUsername>]
[-U=<m9sweeperUrl>] [COMMAND]

Run Trawler in its RabbitMQ mode where it will monitor a specified RabbitMQ
queue for scan jobs.

-P, --parallel-scans=<trawlerParallelScanners>
number of scanners that Trawler can run at once
-U, --url=<m9sweeperUrl>   URL of the m9sweeper instance
-A, --api-key=<m9sweeperApiKey>
API Key of the m9sweeper instance
-D, --debug                whether to enable debug logs
-u, --rabbitmq-user=<rabbitmqUsername>
username of the RabbitMQ server
-p, --rabbitmq-password=<rabbitmqPassword>
password of the RabbitMQ server
-H, --rabbitmq-host=<rabbitmqHostname>
hostname of the RabbitMQ server
-t, --rabbitmq-port=<rabbitmqPort>
port of the RabbitMQ server
-q, --rabbitmq-queue=<rabbitmqQueueName>
name of the RabbitMQ queue to listen on
-h, --help                 display this help and exit

scan  Scan a single docker image in the standalone scan mode.

Many settings can be set through the CLI.

Running an image scan is as simple as:

trawler scan alpine:3.15

Environment Variables

In addition to CLI parameters, you can also configure Trawler using environment variables. This is the norm when deploying a trawler runner to run automatic scans of new, unrecognized images as well as nightly image scans.

General Configuration Options

Parameter Description Default
M9SWEEPER_URL URL of m9sweeper API (required)
TRAWLER_RUN_MODE Whether to run as a passive scan worker (rabbitmq) or scan a single image and exit (scan) rabbitmq

Configuration Options for Running a Scan Worker

Parameter Description Default
TRAWLER_PARALLEL_SCANNERS When passively listening for scans, how many parallel workers to run 1
RABBITMQ_USERNAME RabbitMQ Username guest
RABBITMQ_PASSWORD RabbitMQ Password guest
RABBITMQ_HOSTNAME RabbitMQ Hostname rabbitmq
RABBITMQ_PORT RabbitMQ Port Number 5672
RABBITMQ_QUEUE_NAME RabbitMQ Queue Name to listen for Scans trawler_queue

Configuration Options for Scanning a Single Image

Parameter Description Default
CLUSTER_NAME Name of cluster to scan images for
DOCKER_IMAGE_URL Docker image url to scan
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