Easy Install

Install m9sweeper with a one-liner.

You can install m9sweeper using our helm chart. This is a one-line cli command that installs m9sweeper. Change the default username/password to your own username/password and the API Key to something random/unpredictable.

helm repo add m9sweeper https://m9sweeper.github.io/m9sweeper && \
helm repo update && \
helm upgrade m9sweeper m9sweeper/m9sweeper --install --wait --create-namespace --namespace m9sweeper-system \
  --set-string dash.init.superAdminEmail="super.admin@m9sweeper.io" \
  --set-string dash.init.superAdminPassword="password" \
  --set-string global.jwtSecret="changeme" \
  --set-string global.apiKey="YOUR-API-KEY"

Many more options are available. For serious enterprise deployments, we recommend creating a helm values.yaml file and versioning this in a code repository to make upgrades easier.

For more information, please see the advanced installation guide.

Last modified August 29, 2023: Fixes for release pipeline (e99f051)