m9sweeper is a free and easy kubernetes security platform. It integrates industry standard open source utilities into a one-stop-shop kubernetes security tool.

Why m9sweeper

Today, technology is relied upon for the goods and services we need.

Everything from agriculture to transportation to good and services is orchestrated through information systems. And increasingly, these information systems are deployed using kubernetes.

Kubernetes is a wonderful tool, but few administrators know much about kubernetes security

And even in organizations where its administrators have learned about kubernetes security, few administrators are given adequate time to secure their clusters.

m9sweeper makes this easy by giving you a solid platform for securing your kubernetes cluster.

The learning curve is low. The tools it uses are rock-solid and endorsed by the Linux Foundation. All are even covered by the CKS (Certified Kubernetes Security) examination, which tests ones knowledge of how to secure a kubernetes cluster. m9sweeper makes kubernetes security finally accessible (and free!) for every kubernetes administrator.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is you can go to our easy install tutorial.


Intelletive Consulting is the official maintainer of the project. It is actively maintained and patched by them, free of charge. They also offer enterprise support of the product, which could include everything from customer feature development, bugfixing, security analysis', as well as support and implementation of the m9sweeper product.

Bug Reporting

If you find bugs or issues, please report them to use on github.


m9sweeper makes it easy to orchestrate the implementation of a number of free security tools:

Trivy: CVE Scanner

Kubesec: Deployment Best Practices

kube-bench: CIS Benchmarks

OPA Gatekeeper: Compliance and Security Policies

kube-hunter: Cluster Penetration Testing

Project Falco: Intrusion Detection (Coming Soon)


Apache License 2.0


Getting Started


How to use M9sweeper


Low level reference docs for the various components.

Contributing to m9sweeper

Contribution Guide

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