The m9sweeper Certificate


About this Certificate


This Certificate of Completion is awarded to those who have successfully completed the Kubernetes Security with m9sweeper course offered by m9sweeper in Killercoda. This course provides training on the secure deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters using the powerful software solution, m9sweeper.

Course Overview:

In this hands-on course, participants develop an understanding of Kubernetes security principles and practices through the use of m9sweeper. Throughout the course, they acquired essential knowledge and practical skills related to:

1. Installation and Configuration: Participants installed and configured m9sweeper within a Kubernetes cluster, gaining proficiency in setting up this powerful security tool.


2. Vulnerability Scanning: They have demonstrated competence in utilizing m9sweeper’s advanced image scanning capabilities to identify vulnerabilities within containerized applications and workloads.


3. Policy Enforcement: Participants have learned to enforce security policies effectively using Gatekeeper, ensuring compliance and maintaining a secure Kubernetes environment.


4. Cluster Protection: They have acquired the skills to block vulnerable container images from running within the Kubernetes cluster, mitigating potential security risks.

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