This release includes many bugfixes and performance improvements. Tooling was updated and support for newer versions of Kubernetes was tested and issues fixed.

Going forward, we will be doing, at a minimum, a quarterly security update in which we will upgrade to the latest version of each open source tool as well as run automated tests to validate all tools are working properly with as many Kubernetes versions as possible. As of this posting, our tests are run against versions 1.16 through 1.26.

  • Project Falco performance is improved
  • Support for setting minimum priority in project falco (to reduce chattiness)
  • Using Project Falco Sidekick app to forward events to Dash
  • Support for generating service tokens with newer versions of kubernetes
  • Google Container Registry support is finished
  • NestJS, Kube-Bench, Kube-Hunter, Trivy, Kubesec, and Falco upgraded to newer versions
  • Automated tests for Gatekeeper completed
  • Various UI Fixes