We are excited to announce that m9sweeper 1.3.0 has been released! This release added several powerful features such as anomaly detection for Project Falco, an improved Project Falco details page, and the ability to override scanner CVE severities.

Project Falco Anomaly Detection

Project Falco can stream suspicious events to m9sweeper. Now you can tell Project Falco to notify you about any new events that it sees. This is very powerful and provides you security team with the ability to triage issues discovered by Falco in real time.

Improved Falco Event Details Page

Now you can see other times this same event has occurred as well as the number of times per day it is occurring.

Override CVE Severity

Sometimes your security team may identify that a particular CVE is actually more severe than the Trivy scanner’s database indicates. Now you can create an override type exception to override the CVE’s severity when it is found during a scan.