M9sweeper version 1.2.1 has been released! With version 1.2.1, M9sweeper is now open sourced under the Apache Commons License! Having built our careers around delivering open source software, we are excited to give back, and we hope that this will mean more organizations large and small can secure their Kubernetes clusters.

Version 1.2.1 includes a number of new features and technical changes:

  1. Project Falco has now been integrated into M9sweeper.
  2. Licensing has been removed. Now all features are available regardless of licensing. The licensing portal still is available for those who wish to monitor that m9sweeper is still running in each of their clusters, but it is purely a monitoring/metrics aggregation tool now (and this may be expanded in the future for those who wish to run it as a monitoring tool on-premise).
  3. Many new reports have been added.
  4. It is now structured as mono-repo to make open source contributions simpler.
  5. All Components are now versioned together. This simplifies deployments/releases considerably.
  6. A documentation site has been released with instructions for installation.
  7. Configuring docker registries during installation has been greatly simplified.
  8. Support for Elastic Container Registry using AWS Secret Keys has been integrated into Trawler.
  9. Support for webhooks with Azure Kubernetes Services has been added (there is a wiki with instructions in the documentation site).