Kubernetes Security and Compliance Platform


Secure your Cluster

Scan container images automatically, report on vulnerabilities, discuss exceptions where needed, and enforce compliance. 

Easy Install

Our 3-step Installation Wizard can get minesweeper installed and scanning all of your images in under 5 minutes. 


Begin using the m9s sweeper product to scan your cluster for free, regardless of how many hosts or images you are scanning.

Report on Security

Our software will automatically scrape what images you have running in Kubernetes and scan and build out reports detailing all security vulnerabilities that exist in the packages and libraries your code uses. And best of all, we use Kubernetes’ native APIs, so it is very low risk and installs in minutes.

Make Compliance Possible

While tools like Gatekeeper and Open Policy Agent are immensely valuable for describing compliance in Kubernetes, they are also extremely difficult to use. Minesweeper’s library of pre-made policies and simple graphical user interface (and exceptions management interface) makes being compliant easy and manageable for most DevOps teams.

Securing your Kubernetes Cluster Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

We make it easy with a 5-minute install, automating scanning/scraping of what you already have running, and a simple reporting and exceptions management interface.

"I founded m9sweeper because I wanted to make sure nobody would ever need to write rego code ever again. "

– Jason Woodman – Co Founder

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